Mar 032015

To encourage folks to come along to the Big Day Out 2015, check out our promotional video. Feel free to download it (2 sizes available) or the PowerPoint version and help promote the day in your church or organisation.

The links take you to our Dropbox location. You don’t need to sign up, so you can reject any offers to sign in or register. When you get to the file itself, there will be a ‘download’ option on the page.

The wmv files should play on Windows systems. The mp4 files should play on iOS (Apple) machines and, depending on installed drivers, Windows systems.



  1. BDO2015_Promo.pptx (6.8 MB)
    PowerPoint file

  2. BDO2015_Promo_Large.mp4 (17 MB)
    960x720 video in mp4 format

  3. BDO2015_Promo_medium.mp4 (10.7 MB)
    640x480 video in mp4 format

  4. BDO2015_Promo_large.wmv (321 MB)
    960x720 video in WMV format

  5. BDO2015_Promo_medium.wmv (17.1 MB)
    640x480 video in WMV format

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