BDO 2015 Theme

BDO2015_Promo_TitleThe Presbytery of Angus is pleased once again to host the Big Day Out 2015.

This year, the Big Day Out is picking up the themes of ‘pilgrimage’ and ‘stepping out’.

Pilgrimage suggests a journey to a place where meaningful connections may be made; to journey in a way that enables discovery along the way. Sometimes it has a destination. Other times, the journey itself is what matters.

Whether we are simply journeying, or heading to a particular place, we can’t do that without ‘stepping out’ from where we are. Like a pilgrimage, there may be a destination, or we may simply want the experience of travelling, allowing our journey to be shaped by whatever we encounter, allowing ourselves to be shaped by those same encounters. Sometimes taking those first steps is the momentous event. Other times, the momentous events happen at unexpected points in the journey.

And when God is involved, anything might happen, and the journey may not take us where we expected to go, or along paths we thought we might travel.

Come along to the Big Day Out 2015 to hear stories of stepping out, to be encouraged on our journey, to be open to new directions.

Step out with us on the 9th of May, 2015, at Arboath: St. Andrew’s and Arbroath: Old and Abbey churches.



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