Mar 042015

BDO2015_Promo_TitleThe Presbytery of Angus is pleased once again to host the Big Day Out 2015.

This year, the Big Day Out is picking up the themes of ‘pilgrimage’ and ‘stepping out’.

Pilgrimage suggests a journey to a place where meaningful connections may be made; to journey in a way that enables discovery along the way. Sometimes it has a destination. Other times, the journey itself is what matters.

Whether we are simply journeying, or heading to a particular place, we can’t do that without ‘stepping out’ from where we are. Like a pilgrimage, there may be a destination, or we may simply want the experience of travelling, allowing our journey to be shaped by whatever we encounter, allowing ourselves to be shaped by those same encounters. Sometimes taking those first steps is the momentous event. Other times, the momentous events happen at unexpected points in the journey.

And when God is involved, anything might happen, and the journey may not take us where we expected to go, or along paths we thought we might travel.

Come along to the Big Day Out 2015 to hear stories of stepping out, to be encouraged on our journey, to be open to new directions.

Step out with us on the 9th of May, 2015, at Arboath: St. Andrew’s and Arbroath: Old and Abbey churches.


Mar 032015

If you want to publicise the Big Day Out in your magazine, or other publication, we offer the following as a starting point:

BIG DAY OUT 3. 9th May 2015. An exciting day of worship, discovery and fellowship is planned for Saturday 9th May 2015. This is the 3rd Big Day Out in Angus Presbytery. The day will begin and end in Arbroath St Andrews and there will be workshops during the day in St Andrews and a short walk away in Arbroath Old and Abbey.  The keynote speaker is Very Rev Lorna Hood, Moderator of the 2013 General Assembly. She is a wonderful speaker and her contribution will set us out on the theme of Pilgrimage.  Organising the worship will be Rev Peter Gardner, of Renfield St Stephen’s Church in Glasgow who has organised imaginative ways of enhancing the worship experience. There will be workshops on “Sit down next to me” – caring for the terminally ill, the Churches in Europe and what they do for Asylum Seekers, Christians in Sport, Spill the Beans, Fresh Expressions and much more. The cost of the day is £10 which includes a sandwich lunch and tea and coffee will be available throughout the day. Please do come along. Tickets can be booked on line at or by contacting Janice Tracey on

Put the date in your diary, 9th May 2015.

You may also want to use the following image:


Mar 032015

To encourage folks to come along to the Big Day Out 2015, check out our promotional video. Feel free to download it (2 sizes available) or the PowerPoint version and help promote the day in your church or organisation.

The links take you to our Dropbox location. You don’t need to sign up, so you can reject any offers to sign in or register. When you get to the file itself, there will be a ‘download’ option on the page.

The wmv files should play on Windows systems. The mp4 files should play on iOS (Apple) machines and, depending on installed drivers, Windows systems.


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May 062013

The team organising The Big Day Out thought it would be useful to have a record of the day so that you could remind yourself of the seminar content, or even catch another seminar that you wanted to go to but had to choose between two.

Well, that archive is now coming together on the Angus Presbytery YouTube channel. It takes a while to create each video, so the archive will build up slowly over the next few weeks. By the end, we hope this will be a useful and valuable additional resource from the day.

May 032013

If you’re trying to book a ticket at the last minute, we’ve taken the booking system offline. This is to reduce the risk of overlooking late bookings. But you can still turn up on the day. The registration team will be at St. Andrew’s Church in Arbroath from around 9.00 or so and you can still book a place from then. You may not get your first choice of seminars, but we hope you will still find plenty of interest.

May 032013

Please remember to come to St. Andrew’s Church in Arbroath first, where you will be able to collect your Big Day Out information pack. There’s a dedicated registration desk for those who have pre-booked.

Tea and coffee will be available all day in both venues.

Lunch will be available in Old and Abbey Church where you will also find the resources and information exhibition.

Opening worship starts at 10.00am and we hope to see you there.

Nearly there!

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Apr 262013

Not long to go!

The 4th of May is almost upon us and final preparations are under way for The Big Day Out. The team are very excited about the day. There’s a great line-up of presentations and workshops. The exhibition space is fully-booked, and there will be an excellent range of resources and ideas for you to browse.

If you haven’t already booked, there’s still time. You can even turn up on the day, but please be aware that seminar places may be limited; so book now if you want to be sure of getting to see your speakers of choice. Pre-booking also means that you are more likely to get the lunch you need if you have particular dietary requirements.

Registration and opening worship will take place in St. Andrew’s Church.

If you are coming by car, there are parking areas nearby both venues, and on-street parking round about. Please park considerately and be mindful of residential access if you are parking on-street. The railway station is only a short walk from both venues.


Apr 142013

The Big Day Out is very pleased to welcome Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) to the event on the 4th May 2013.

Here’s a little bit about MAF:

MAF_TrailerMAF work in close partnership with over 1,500 missions, providing flights and logistical support for their outreach to communities in developing nations.

These missions include aid agencies, missions, relief and development organisations, government departments, local churches and other national groups. Their work covers healthcare, emergency relief, development and the bringing of God’s word.

MAF fly to in excess of 3,500 remote locations making sure that even the most basic resources for life are provided, from the word of God, to food, to education and medicine MAF are there, going the extra miles with a plane taking off or landing every three minutes.

Please visit the MAF exhibition trailer, view films of their work, read exciting stories and sign up to support MAF’s ‘Fuel for Life’ project through prayer and practical support. TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE’.