MAF and The Big Day Out

The Big Day Out is very pleased to welcome Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) to the event on the 4th May 2013.

Here’s a little bit about MAF:

MAF_TrailerMAF work in close partnership with over 1,500 missions, providing flights and logistical support for their outreach to communities in developing nations.

These missions include aid agencies, missions, relief and development organisations, government departments, local churches and other national groups. Their work covers healthcare, emergency relief, development and the bringing of God’s word.

MAF fly to in excess of 3,500 remote locations making sure that even the most basic resources for life are provided, from the word of God, to food, to education and medicine MAF are there, going the extra miles with a plane taking off or landing every three minutes.

Please visit the MAF exhibition trailer, view films of their work, read exciting stories and sign up to support MAF’s ‘Fuel for Life’ project through prayer and practical support. TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE’.


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