Thank you!

Many thanks to all who came along to support The Big Day Out.

I don’t have the final numbers, but we had a healthy turnout, with each seminar being well attended. The feedback from the speakers has been very positive, so that’s due to everyone who attended being such a good, participative audience.

We had one or two glitches, but I hope nothing happened to detract from the enjoyment and encouragement you were able to experience.

Thank you to all the speakers; for sharing your knowledge and your enthusiasm.

Thanks too, to all the volunteers who kept the day moving along and who gave of their time to ensure the event was a success.

The video recordings of the day will be edited in due course, but don’t hold your breath – there’s a lot of hours-worth to edit and upload. Please do keep an eye on the website though, as this will be where notification will appear.

Thanks again for your support. Our prayer is that the encouragement from today will have a positive effect on many congregations and projects throughout Angus, and beyond. And, of course, that God’s Kingdom will flourish.

See you in two years time, if not before.

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